This is one of my most favourite summer dishes of my childhood. I have just upgraded it as I usually do with all recipes. The origin recipe is based on the mixture of pork and beef , I prefer beef, lamb or mixture and originally you cook the peppers in the tomato sauce, I prefer the grilled ones. Also polenta is not really common in my home country, the Slovaks usually eat it with dumplings or boiled potatoes.

Great thing is that you can prepare it 1 day in advance if you would like to invite your friends for a dinner. The measurements are approximately for 4-5 people.

mitzi's foodoo

For the stuffed peppers: 10 bigger hungarian peppers / 1kg mix of minced beef & lamb / 1 chopped onion / chopped garlic / herbs de Provence / salt, black pepper

For grilled polenta dumplings: 250g polenta + enough amount of water according to cooking instructions on the package / 80g grated Parmigiano / 70g butter / salt, black pepper / olive oil

For the tomato sauce:, 2 can tomatoes (I was lazy to prepare it from the fresh ones…) / pinch of sugar / 1 green chilli / salt / fresh herbs for serving

mitzi's foodoo

Preparation method:

  1. Preheat the oven (I have an electric one) to 200°C. Mix minced beef with all the ingredients and set aside. I always do it with hands. Cut the tops of the peppers and stuff it with the meat. If you have a leftover, add 1 egg in and make little meat balls from it.
  2. Cook polenta following the instructions on the package. At the end, add salt, black pepper, butter & Parmigiano. Remove the mass to a backing pot (approx. 20x30cm) with a bit of oil on the bottom and set aside to cool.
  3. Put the stuffed peppers & meat balls to a baking pot with baking paper on the bottom and bake until brown. You can switch to a grill mode later.
  4. In between, warm the tomatoes with all the ingredients, add it to the peppers, cover it with alofoil and continue backing on 150°C for an hour.
  5. In between, the polenta should be cold. If so, take a wine glass and cut circles out of it. Coat every piece with the olive oil. Approx. 30 min. before the peppers are ready, start to grill the polenta dumplings from each side on a pan approx. 30 min. before the peppers are ready. You can finish the tomato sauce on the stove to reduce the liquid and also add black olives in.
  6. Serve with fresh herbs.
  7. Enjoy and do not hesitate to tune it!
Do you know other tricks? Do you have other suggestions? Share your tips!
  1. winternyc says:

    Yum! And beeeyootiful 😀

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