It was New Year’s afternoon and my spontaneous surprising guests from Prague and I decided to go to our favourite Korean place in Berlin, but it was closed. After heavy thinking (you can imagine the hard work after the New Year’s party), I recalled a Peruvian restaurant where my flat mate goes with her Uruguayan boyfriend every Sunday. It’s kind of their Sunday tradition. The plan was clear – catching a cab and relocate to the other side of the city. Target: Sabor Latino.

We were four friends and one of us – Tadashi – is half Peruvian and half Japanese. For those who don’t know, there is a large presence of Japanese along Chinese, Koreans and Taiwanese immigrants in Peru. Peru has the second largest population of Japanese people in Latin America after Brazil. One of the Tadashi’s aunties had even won a national Peruvian contest in preparing Ceviche. Ceviche is a seafood dish popular especially in the Central and South America. The dish is typically made from fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices and spiced with chillies. Onion, salt, cilantro, and pepper may also be added.

So we went there with the best person to tell us if the food was really traditional and authentic. And apparently it was!!! When you have never tried it, might be difficult to judge. I also have to admit that going to eat with Tadashi is sometimes bit stressy as he can be very fussy about the food. That night he was raving about it which obviously meant it was delicious.

The restaurant’s interior is very simple, but cosy with Latin families enjoying the long winter evenings and happy shouting kids running around. Please don’t expect any special food styling or design. The food doesn’t look „stylish“, but is prepared from quality ingredients like e. g. New Zealand lamb meat or Argentinian beef. And you can definitely taste it! The prices are reasonable, too. This place is for those who appreciate familiar feeling, friendly atmosphere and meals cooked with love and passion. The chef speaks neither German nor English. Only Spanish! Forget about fancy posh look and turn 20 years back when the only food you ate had been made by your mum.

greeting the chef

We started with a mixture of starters. Actually, no, hold on! We started with pisco sour. 😀

Larisa, I, Slavo, Tadashi

Then Tadashi chose different entradas (appetisers) consisting of Yuca frita (fried cassava sticks with Huacatay chilli sauce), Papa a la huancaina (boiled potatoes with a chilli sauce made from special yellow Peruvian peppers) – I had previously published the recipe on my blog (, Tamales (corn dough stuffed with minced pork in banana leaf with Salsa Latina), Muslitos de mar (fried lobster meat balls), Tostones (fried plantains), roast pork.

mitzi's foodoo

On the recommendation of Tadashi, I ordered very typical and popular Peruvian dish Anticucho – grilled beef heart with roasted potatoes and Huacatay chilli sauce. It has to be marinated in red wine vinegar, spicies and herbs few days in advance. I don’t remember that I have ever eaten beef heart. But I have to confess it was amazing flavour and greate choice. My taste buds experienced a new dimension. As the chilli sauce wasn’t enough hot for me, I added some fresh chillies.

mitzi's foodoo

Tadashi and Lara had Cordero (grilled lamb) with rice, baked beans, salad and Salsa Latina. Slavo, or to be precise Sade :D, had Lomo saltado (sliced and grilled steak with fried onions, tomatoes and french fries, served with rice). I tasted all of them and I can honestly recommend them.

mitzi's foodoo

 Sade enjoyed it and will definitely come back.

Address: Badensche Str. 35 – 10715 Berlin – Schöneberg, U-Bahnhof Berliner Str. U7/U9

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