It’s always nice to receive postcards and presents. Today I’ve had a nice morning thanks to my friends Panakis and Lara, because I got gifts from them.

Panakis has been working for http://www.fortnumandmason.com/, which is a department store recognised internationally for its high quality goods and as an iconic British symbol. Fortnum and Mason has held many Royal Warrants over the past 150 years. Originally founded as a grocery store, Fortnum‘s reputation was built on supplying quality food, and saw rapid growth throughout the Victorian era. Though Fortnum‘s developed into a department store, it continues to focus on stocking a variety of exotic, speciality and also „basic“ provisions.

mitzi's foodoo

Panakis was so sweet and sent me a really nice coffee. He has been raving about it: „Oh, what a shit weather outside. Fog, rain, frost… The coffee always warms me up, speed my pulse, cheers me up. And I’m feeling so great.“ He was absolutely right. This coffee never disapoints you. This award winning Arabica is from El Socorro Y Anexos farm in Guatemala. The Pacamara and Caturra Arabica trees are nurtured at the exceptional altitude of 1800 metres, enriching the coffee beans with natural sweetness and invigorating aromas. The Pacamara belongs to the species Coffee Arabica. The Caturra is a mutation of Coffee Bourbon and with high production and good quality, but requires extensive care and fertilization. The farm of Juan de la Cerda and his son Juan Diego is certified by Rainforest Alliance and Coffee Practices.

mitzi's foodoo

The other day, I had helped Lara with preparation of her birthday party and she gave me a Buffalo mozzarella for my help. I can’t imagine better payment. Especially this one bears Mozzarella di Bufala Campana trademark. It is a type of mozzarella made from the milk of water buffalo raised in designated area of Campania in Italy. It is usually considered the best for its flavor and quality.

mitzi's foodoo

The difference between the buffalo mozzarella and the cow’s milk mozzarella is for example in texture and moisture. While cutting the buffala, the knife slides with minimal resistance, and the cheese immediately begins to release its moisture. The cow‘s milk mozzarella gives a much more solid and uniform appearance. It holds its shape better and requires more force to cut it. Also the buffalo mozzarella is a bit stronger in its flavour than the cow‘s milk mozzarella.

mitzi's foodoo

I love mozzarella especially in winter when it somehow brings sun to my body and soul. Insalata Caprese is unbeatable breakfast. Alright, alright, I love English one as well. In any case, it’s the best start of a day. I have to admit that it tastes great in the summer on my sunny balcony as well. It’s so simple, made of sliced fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and olive oil.

What’s your favourite breakfast?

(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortnum_%26_Mason)

7 Responses to “A NICE START”
  1. I still have to work on liking breakfast. I generally don’t do breakfast. That mozarella looks supertasty though!

  2. MC says:

    mnaam! don’t do it to me pls? did you know that you must not put the mozarella in fridge? If you’ve got a fresh one from bufallo of course. It kills the process and taste. now you know 🙂

  3. karin says:

    vrrrr mnam 😛

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