let’s taste

The Taste Festival is a 10-days-Festival (1-10 June) in Berlin introducing outstanding designers, artists, food curators, chefs and producers. Aimed at all food enthusiasts as well as industry professionals, the Festival is an unprecedented opportunity to learn more about taste, the sourcing of ingredients, the experimentation behind the dishes and the cultural significance of dining.

Food is a central topic for cutting edge design today. At the same time chef’s and producers are experimenting with various aesthetic and conceptual approaches that are relevant in contemporary food. They are not only innovating culinary techniques but are also reflecting on our daily food philosophy.

The Taste Festival features an exclusive exhibition and shows works from 50 internationally recognised designers and artists in addition to hosting food events, mini-markets, presentations and parties. Taste displays not only the quality and fantasy of the latest New Food Culture but also shows how the visual effects of graphic design, illustration, performance and architecture spill into and influence the field of food and design.

A festival day starts with workshops for creative experimentation sessions and lectures. During the day, everybody is invited to the daily Mini-Markets alongside the pier of the River Spree where they will be presenting rare products and futuristic street food dishes. Serving as open, communicative platform with a fare-like structure, this happening is accessible for everyone.

The exhibiting designers meet producers, artistic projects are presented as well as various manufacturers. In the evening, various dinner events take place at Direktorenhaus, dedicated to a certain food-design-related topic and moderated by a designer or a designer group in cooperation with a cook.

I can’t wait to see Ayako Suwa’s dinner performance on Friday, 1 June.


ayako suwa

To Eat vs. To Taste. The two concepts have never been so distant and opposed: ‘to eat is to live, to taste is to evolve’. Taste goes deep into yourself, hits the unconscious and awakes instinct. What reaches your stomach is not nourishment, but pure emotion.

That’s the concept of Ayako Suwa’s food creations. The japanese food artist abandons any superficial approach to the food medium.

In his dedicatory letter to Ayako, Marc Bretillot, a trench food design institution, sans that ber work “opens new perspectives, experiments with a repertory of forms and uses about the Intimate. The emotions emerge and the dialogue, nearly erotic and without preliminaries, is being established between the one who offers the food and the one who receives it”.

ayako suwa

Founded in 2006, Food Creations offers new forms of food representation and spreads them worldwide through exhibitions, performances and guerrilla restaurants.

Visit Taste Festival at Direktorenhaus, Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin


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