first slovakian pop-up restaurant eat me!

In August I came to a decision of organising a guerilla restaurant Zedz ma! – Eat me! (25.-27. October) in my home town Bratislava, Slovakia. As I am into food & culinary culture, many people always ask me if I would like to open my own restaurant. The answer is NO. I have friends who works in restaurants, and the reality is that they don’t have any private life. It’s a hard job, and I admire their commitment.

© Miro Kubečka

I had attended few pop-up restaurants here in Berlin and got inspired. That’s a nice compromise being a part of the gastronomy world, and still having time for what I love.

I put together a team of friends – the food enthusiasts like me – including a professional chef, and started to work on menu, small campaign (mainly Facebook page), design and decorations.

In meanwhile, I was looking for a location and travelling back and forth between Berlin and Bratislava. It is very important to have a good place. After checking of several locations, I decided for a cultural centre Gallery Cvernovka in an old ex-factory. Homonymous factory origins date back to around 1895 when a Viennese businessmen George Richter and Joseph Salcher established a branch of wholesale – trading with threads and short commodities. Currently, there are creative studios and ateliers located in this multifunctional building. Studios are various groups of young creative people, there are painters, architects, as well as photographers, fashion designers or graphic and industrial designers.

© Miro Kubečka


The main concept was based on seasonal ingredients mainly from local Slovakian farmers and sources.

Greeting from the chef: Duck rillettes with quince chutney

Starter: Goat’s cheese mousse with beet root reduction

Soup: Celeriac & cauliflower cream with vegetable crisps

Main course: Duck with lentil-rose hip sauce and scorzonera purée

Dessert: Deconstructed pumpkin cake with white chocolate soup



We followed the same idea as in the menu, and compiled a card consisted of wines from local smaller or bigger producers.

© Kata Šulajová

Welcome drink: Cuvée brut mèthode classique – 2011, Hacaj (Pezinok)

White wines: Grüner Veltliner – 2011, Chowaniec & Krajčírovič (Small Carpathian region, Svätý Jur) / Gewürztraminer – 2011, Chowaniec & Krajčírovič (Small Carpathian wine region, Svätý Jur)

Rosé wine: Cabernet Sauvignon – 2011, Ivan Rusnák (South Slovakian wine region, Svodín)

Red wines: Cabernet Sauvignon – 2011, Braňo Bahna (Small Carpathian wine region, Svätý Jur) / Pinot Noir – 2011, Bott Frigyes (South Slovakian wine region, Mužla)

Digestiv: Grappa – 2011, Miklušičák (Spirit from Riesling grape, Svätý Jur)

6 Responses to “first slovakian pop-up restaurant eat me!”
  1. R O says:

    vymakany report, pekne !

  2. djwinternyc says:

    This is amazing!! I’m so proud of you 😀 stepping it up, I love it ❤ Congratulations!

  3. Jozef says:

    vec a salamon na jednej fotke, také ešte nemám 🙂 vymakaná večera, pre mňa osobne plus totálna rehabilitácia karfiolovej polievky

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