My name is Silvia (Mitzi is my nickname) and I am Slovakian girl living in Berlin. Food is my philosophy & cooking is my meditation. The annoying fact is that you can’t experience the flavour via internet like you can listen to the music or see a nice piece of art on pictures.

The Mitzi’s Foodoo’s concept consists of three categories: COOK where I share my & my friend’s recipes & cooking, SNOOP where I bring local tips on restaurants all around, LOOK that is focused on food on films as I work in film industry therefore combining my two loves – food & film.

Please excuse my English. I’m not a native speaker, but I try my best. Also I’m not a photographer, I’m learning how to take nice food pictures with every new post here on my blog. It’s very challenging…

Inspired by my friends & One Globe • One Meal • One Day & Many Cooks group on Facebook! Thank you all!

The special thanks goes to my friends Petra terraesapori for helping me to create the name and Nuno for helping me with the design! nuno\’s website


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