fresh, clear, well seasoned perspective

It’s a Sunday morning and raining. It’s been ages I cooked with my fellows in One Globe • One Meal • One Day & Many Cooks. This weekend theme has been Ratatouille. Perfect! I can kill two birds with one stone – to participate in the event, and having a new post on my blog. … Continue reading

marriage made in heaven

If you are a fan of extraordinary combinations, this is a great option for you. Crisp oyster mushrooms with roast chicory – a vegetable with white leaves that taste bitter and are usually eaten raw in salads. I love it both ways fresh and roasted! This sweet and tangy jewel is perfect by itself or … Continue reading


This tart was recommended to me by a friend of mine Maria. She lives with her family on a lovely farm Oliwood in the countryside of Tuscany. They grow many types of fruit and vegetable there. Nowadays, Maria starts to learn how to produce an olive oil. I really admire her! In my research, I had … Continue reading


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